Uniform & Equipment

We believe that a school uniform helps to give young people a sense of identity and belonging.

It reinforces the fact that all students are equally important members of the school community. Our core business is teaching and learning and our expectation is that all students arrive at their lesson fully equipped and ready to learn.

Ours is a straightforward and comfortable school uniform which students are expected to wear in the correct spirit. Wearing the correct school uniform is a crucial part of this readiness; it shows that students are fulfilling their responsibilities and allows us to devote all our time and energies to teaching and learning.

Uniform Notes Compulsory from uniform webshop
College polo shirt * - A plain white or black short-sleeved t-shirt may be worn discreetly under the polo shirt.   yes
College sweatshirt *   yes
College regulation trousers or Skirts*

**Approved trousers from other suppliers can be found following this table. 

We do not approve any skirts other then those from our webshop. 

plain black, traditional style - suitable for movement around a large, busy school . ( No distinctive markings or logos.)  
Black, white or grey  
Tights Black, neutral or dark green  
The only jewellery allowed is one small, plain stud in the lobe of pierced ears. Nose studs and other facial/body piercings are not acceptable.  
Extreme haircuts and colours are not acceptable.  
Make up Any make-up which is obvious and noticeable is not acceptable. Light foundation products and mascara may be worn discreetly. Nail varnish is not acceptable.  
PE Uniform
Both boys & girls Available from uniform webshop
College PE polo shirt, short sleeved with collar  Students in Year 7 & 8 should purchase the new style dark blue tops

Students in years 9, 10 & 11 can still wear light blue tops if they want to or they can change to the new style.

Navy blue plain sweatshirt with no logo or with BVC PE logo  yes
Both boys & girls can wear plain navy sports leggings or plain navy sports training pants without any logos. Leggings must be sports/lycra not fashion leggings.   
Girls Boys Available from uniform webshop
  College Rugby Shirt yes
Navy blue shorts  (Loose style not tight fitting) Navy blue football shorts ( some boys in years 9 -11 may still wear the old style white shorts) yes
Sky blue knee length hockey or football socks

White ankle socks

Sky blue knee length football socks yes
Astro boots & training shoes (not fashion shoes) Football boots / Astro boots & training shoes (not fashion shoes)  
shinpads shinpads & mouthguard  
One piece swimming costume & towel Swimming trunks & towel  
Equipment list
  • Pencils
  • At least two pens (black and blue ink)
  • ruler (30cm)
  • rubber
  • Maths Set (We recommend theOxford Maths Set with Storage tin, £3 on Amazon)
  • highlighters
  • glue stick and pair of scissors
  • calculator: (We recommend the Casio Scientific CalculatorFX85GTXSUT currently £12 on Amazon)
  • We would also encourage studentsto bring their own hand sanitiser,tissues and antibacterial wipes.
  • On days your child does drama they will need clean trainers.
  • Everything should be carried in a sensible bag or rucksack.
Outdoor clothing

All students are required to wear the College polo shirt. If they are inside the building and require an additional layer of clothing then this should be the College sweatshirt. When traveling to and from school and when outside the school building, students are allowed to wear all items of outdoor clothing, including coats, jackets, hoodies, scarves, gloves and hats. None of these should have inappropriate slogans or logos.
On re-entering the building, students should remove all hats, scarves and gloves immediately. They may continue to wear a coat or jacket, if it is worn over a sweatshirt. When they enter their classroom, students should actively remove their coat or jacket, to ensure that they are ready to learn as quickly as possible.

All clothing should be clearly marked with the owner’s name, preferably with name tapes.

If you have concerns over the cost of the uniform and are in receipt of free school meal entitlements, please do not hesitate to contact the finance team, in writing in the first instance. We would then follow-up with you, by phone or by email, to explore what support might be available.



**Approved  trousers from other suppliers

Marks and Spencer:

Tesco (school uniform only available in store)

Additionally, trousers not bought from our online shop are required to have a heat sealed logo. This can be purchased and will be attached at a shop based in Burwell, Mr Cricket, while you wait at a cost of £3.00.
Only approved trousers are able to have the logo attached.

We do not approve any skirts other then those from our webshop. 

Mr Cricket shop can be found at:
The Old Blacksmiths Yard,
Newnham Lane, Burwell,
CB25 0EA.
01638 741611
Email – info@mrcricketshop.co.uk
Opening hours: 

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PA to the Principal
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