The catering service at Bottisham Village College is operated by Chartwells. Each day, the catering team prepare all main meals, snacks, desserts, and more recently breakfasts, on the premises using fresh, local ingredients. Chartwells develop the catering offer in line with the current food standards legislation and the specific requirements of Bottisham Village College.  Chartwells follow the Soil Association ‘Food for Life’ program and will achieve Gold status in the coming years, through using organic, free range and sustainable suppliers.The menu changes daily on a 3-week cycle, ensuring there is always a varied offer for all students and staff. 

A full price list can be seen here

Sandwich Meal Deal £2.40
Any £1.70 Sandwich (Cheese, Tuna, Ham, Egg) served with a choice of any drink anda piece of Whole Fresh Fruit or Biscuit Pack

Meals are paid for using a system called 'Biostore'. This software verifies a student’s identity by reading their fingertip and confirming who they are. 'Biostore' allows students to top up their dinner monies accounts and view their balances at the Coin & Note Loader machine in the College (this is done with a fingertip reader*). Parents can add monies to their children's accounts using the online service Wisepay.

At the point of payment the student places their finger on the fingertip reader (or alternatively, if preferred, can provide a PIN), and once verified by the Catering Point of Sale Operator, their account is debited which is then also reflected on Wisepay. All students are automatically assigned a Biostore account. Children who qualify for free school meals have an amount loaded daily on to their account.








*The Biometrics system uses fingertip digital signature recognition. With your permission, we enrol students capturing 120 data points from one finger on both hands. At no time do we capture a fingerprint. The data points captured are very similar to reference points on an Ordinance Survey map, and they are stored on a stand-alone, encrypted server. This information is for use within the College and is not released to anyone outside of the College and is subject to the same level of security as all other student data.

Suzy Stoodley
Head of Operations
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