Anti-bullying Information

Anti-bullying Information

Bottisham Village College enjoys a strong, inclusive atmosphere that supports and ensures that students can attend school feeling safe; allowing them to thrive and focus on their learning.

We would like to update you on the areas we have been developing over the past two terms to support a positive and supportive community:


We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying within our community and have recently reviewed our Anti-Bullying Strategy to ensure we are proactive in preventing bullying with a robust and consistent approach when any bullying is reported to us. 

  1. We have a team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who have been trained by the Diana Award, a charity set up to support schools prevent bullying.  These students have developed a campaign, delivered assemblies and are actively involved in supporting students who have been victims of bullying in the past. 
  2. Safe-Place, is an area of the school run by a team of Year 11 students with the primary purpose to provide a welcoming place for any student to attend, talk to peer mentors or just play games and socialise.  
  3. A revised anti-bullying policy that has a clear staged approach for school staff to follow when a Bullying Incident is reported. 
  4. We have also recently partnered with Tootoot and shared the details with students. Details of Tootoot are below

Tootoot is a safe, secure and diverse web-based safeguarding tool, which allows students of all age ranges - from primary right through to University - to report incidents of bullying, problems they could be having in class or any issues that may be concerning them in an anonymous, confidential and discreet manner. These individual cases are monitored, managed and resolved by staff/mentors within the school.

Tootoot reduces the friction and stigma attached to the reporting of such incidents, and ultimately provides us with the tools required to track, monitor and resolve cases efficiently and significantly reduce bullying. Tootoot not only encourages pupils to report incidents of bullying, it also encourages them to work together and strengthen communication links between them and their teachers by removing barriers.

Each student has a username and password, which allows them to log in and use tootoot. They are then able to quickly report incidents and concerns directly to their school. Each school has their own sub-domain where only teachers and pupils from our school will be able to communicate with one another. All pupils are anonymous at the point of reporting but identities can be uncovered by the school’s designated tootoot administrator, ONLY if it appears the pupil’s emotional or physical well-being is at serious risk.

Pupils can access tootoot on any web-enabled device (computers; laptops; tablets or mobiles) by following these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Type into their web browser.
Step 2: Click ‘Login to tootoot’
Step 3: Start typing the school name and select it from the box
Step 4: Enter their username and password, and log their concern with the school

We hope that this will reassure you that we continue to take any concerns from our school community whether it be in or out of school, verbal, physical or cyberbullying extremely seriously and continue to develop ways in which to support both victim and perpetrator.

Dominic Fullman
Deputy Principal
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