Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 13th December

There will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their subject teachers and consider what they need to do to move on in their learning.  We welcome and recommend the presence of students at these discussions.

Appointments can be made from 6th December at 7:00pm and will close on 13th December at 12.00pm. Should you wish to make any changes after this time please contact Miss Bobbi Greig in Student Support. In order to ensure fair access, you will be able to book up to five appointments initially, with the ability to book further appointments, if available, from midday on 12th December.

Mrs Saunders, SENCO, will be available in Learning Support during the evening.  Please do drop in if you would like to discuss any further support that may be needed for your child.

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