This week during PSHE

This week during PSHE

all of our students will be having a lesson on the important topic of harassment.

An assembly will be delivered to the whole school and this will be followed by a form tutor led session in which students will discuss a series of age appropriate scenarios.

The purpose of the lesson will be to ensure that students:
• Understand what harassment is
• Understand why it is harmful
• Understand what they should do when they encounter it

A key message will be that students should feel empowered to stand up to such behaviour, including by reporting it either openly or anonymously to trusted adults who can sort the issue out. Bottisham is a place in which all members of the community should feel safe, secure and able to thrive: lessons like this are designed to help us secure this key objective.

We know from parents that lessons such as this always have much more effect when they are discussed and reinforced at home. 

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