Student Bulletins

Student Bulletins

During the period of closure the school will be issuing a regular bulletin to students

The aim of the bulletin is to make students feel that the school is keeping in touch with them. We shall be continuing features that they are used to at school, such as the word of the day, and the bulletin will give them study and mental health tips. There will be quizzes – including an ask an adult section – and puzzles and, to finish off, a music track of the day. We shall also be summarising important COVID-19 news for them. The bulletin will be framed in a positive, upbeat way.

The bulletins so far can be found below and all subsequent bulletins will be able to be viewed here 

We would welcome your support in helping your child to engage with the bulletin and would welcome any feedback that you could provide.Please email if you have any suggestions or feedback. 









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