New Government guidance for schools

New Government guidance for schools

As the UK enters into a second lockdown,....

...we thought it worth updating you on matters relating to the new government guidance sent to schools in England this week.

Since September, as part of our COVID-19 risk-assessment, we have been strongly recommending students to wear their masks as they enter the building in the morning and as they transition between lessons around the college. For the most-part, students have understood the science behind this approach and have been compliant. We are happy to provide masks and replacement lanyards and cards once but will have to charge (through WisePay) if students regularly require these items.

As part of the new Government guidance, it is now expected that students will be wearing masks as they transition around the college in order to keep staff and other students and their families as safe as possible. We have updated students in assemblies and tutor period this morning, ensuring they understand the reasons behind the move. Students should continue to wear their masks until they are in the classroom and will continue the practice of putting them back on when standing behind their chairs before leaving the classroom. All other risk mitigation procedures will stay in place and have been recently externally checked by the Health and safety Executive in a spot check before half term. We understand that a very small number of our students, due to a medical condition or disability, are unable to wear masks and they will continue to be exempt.

If students are repeatedly unable to follow this mandatory guidance, we will have no other choice than to remove them from moving around the college site and they will receive their lessons in a separate area of the school.

In terms of school buses and public transport, there is no change: masks are mandatory. Any student not sitting in their seat throughout the journey with their mask on will be given a bus ban. Your child can continue to report any concerns they may have to student support at any time and we will follow up as a matter of priority.

As part of our risk-assessment, we also have different coloured lanyards - representing different year group bubbles for students to wear: students need to ensure that they wear these at all times. Of course, you will appreciate the need for us to challenge this aspect of current college life as well.

As you will know, individuals who are clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) may receive a letter from their GP, in light of the recent lockdown. Please could we ask that parents and carers in receipt of these letters make contact with us as soon as possible.

Finally, could the college extend our thanks to parents and carers for your continued support, especially concerning our communications surrounding uniform: it is much appreciated. As colder weather approaches, we will have further updates shortly on updated arrangements for break and lunch for all year groups and also launch some after school clubs.

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