Interhouse Day 2

Interhouse Day 2

Thursday 7th March

We are excited to announce the second enrichment day this coming Thursday 7th March for all students at Bottisham Village College. Student feedback from the last day was overwhelmingly positive, with Ventus house being declared overall winners of the day. This time, there will be a link to National Careers Week during the final part of the day, where students will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of guest speakers from a wealth of different career paths.

The timings of the day are normal, with students getting a break at 11am and lunch at 1:25pm. Students will not, be in timetabled lessons, but instead have been offered the chance to represent their house in a variety of faculty areas:

• Year 7 – Maths, Performing Arts, Computer Science and English
• Year 8 – English, REP, Food Technology, Performing Arts, Geography and History
• Year 9 – Science, History, Languages and PE
• Year 10 – Languages, Art, Maths, REP, Computer Science and PE
• Year 11 – PE, Science, Geography, Languages, Computer Science and Technology

Each student will be involved in one or two curriculum areas, and will be given activities that enhance and enrich the normal curriculum learning of that subject. Students will earn points for their house for producing excellent work and showing excellent teamwork with other students in their house.

After lunchtime, all students will return to their form rooms before attending a careers talk from a guest speaker. There are 15 different speakers, discussing careers including law, physiotherapy, pharmaceuticals, university life, the motor trade and many more.

We hope this day will leave students excited to learn more in the subjects they have been working in, and also foster the community spirit of the college that the house system has already begun.

We are delighted that students are able to participate in events beyond the curriculum within the school day. Can we remind you that attendance on the inter house day is compulsory.

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