Important Bus Information

Important Bus Information

Letter from SETT (Social & Education Transport Team)

Since September, due to changing traffic conditions, a number of buses have been arriving late at the school, this is obviously having a negative impact on the student’s school day. 

Due to this, SETT have made a decision, with the agreement of the school, to make some changes to the school bus timetables. All affected pupils should have received a letter from SETT in the post. These new times and routes will be effective from Monday 5th November. This date may have been mistyped in some letters, my apologies for this error. Whilst some routes are experiencing more changes than others, we hope you are able to understand that many of these changes are due to circumstances outside of our control.

Can I please ask for all students to be reminded to have their bus passes available for inspection by the driver each morning and afternoon. Drivers will be checking these on a regular basis, and having passes ready at the point of boarding the bus will make this process more timely, and ensure buses are arriving on time into the school. If your child has lost their bus pass, replacements can be purchased from our website 

Please note that most buses into Bottisham Village College are at full capacity so it is imperative students are travelling on the correct bus, as shown on their bus pass.

There has also been a couple of incidents over the past half term of buses being held up due to breakdown or breaking down whilst students are on board.  Whilst SETT and the bus operators try to ensure this is a very rare occurrence, there is a possibility that this may occur. We encourage parents to ensure students have a contingency plan in place should the bus not arrive at the bus stop in the morning, we will always endeavour to send a replacement bus should there be a problem and will inform the school of any such incidents. Students must be made aware of what to do, as they remain the responsibility of the parents until they are on the bus.  Should a bus breakdown whilst the students on are board, students must stay with the bus at all times.  The driver may ask students to leave the bus, if they feel this is the safest option, but they must stay with the driver. We will remind all bus companies of their responsibility.  If students make the decision to leave the situation, the Bus Company and County Council cannot be responsible for this decision.  This is not directed at any students in particular, but acts as reminder whilst we are writing to all parents.

Full details of the responsibilities of both students, drivers and parents is available in our Code of Conduct, which you can find on our website, Our policy is also available on the website, outlining the requirements of the County Council, including journey times.

We will continue to monitor transport into Bottisham Village College, and hopeful the changes made to timetables and routes will resolve the reported issues. If you have any further concerns or queries, please do contact our team on 0345 045 5208 or email

Yours faithfully,

Social and Education Transport Team

C.c. Bottisham Village College
C.c. Bus Operators

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