House Games Results!

House Games Results!

With glorious weather from start to finish, students took part in form time challenges,

enrichment activities and then all gathered together outside on the field for the athletics festival in the afternoon.

The overall scores are worked out across all events throughout the day, with the top scoring house earning 5 points:

The final rankings were -

A huge well done to Mr Midgley, the Ventus house ambassador, and all students in Ventus house for winning their first ever House Games.


The top earning student house point earners for the year are

  • 1st place - Charlotte from Year 8 (Aether) with 268 house points
  • 2nd place - Luke from Year 7 (Terra) with 262 house points
  • 3rd place - Issy from Year 7 (Ventus) with 258 points

A huge congratulations to all of them. 

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