Henry Morris Awards

Henry Morris Awards

Students can apply for a funding award to support independently-planned travel, expeditions and special projects.

 Examples of what the Trust may offer an award for:

•  Travel abroad - Your trip might take you overseas – for example, a trip to France to investigate the history of the piano at the Paris Museum of Music
•  Travel in Britain - You may want to travel somewhere in Britain – for example, a bird-spotting trip to Land's End
•  A special project - You may have a home-based project – for example, you may want to build a RAKU kiln in your back garden.

Who can apply?
You must be a young person age 13 – 19 living in Cambridgeshire. You can apply on your own, with a friend or in a small group.

How much can you apply for?
Awards are usually made between £20 and £300. Successful applications are often those that demonstrate that you have thought about where else you might seek funds to make your project possible.

All the details and a timeline can be found here

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