Google Classroom

Google Classroom

We are pleased to announce an important development in the way we set homework to students

Over the past few months, we have been working on a new extended learning policy that will replace our current homework policy.  The new policy aims to improve the quality of assigned tasks and allow students to view homework assignments online using Google classroom. In the longer term we also aim to have learning resources available to students so in addition to assigned task they can select an activity or task to further their learning in a particular area. 

We are implementing this new policy in phases. Earlier this academic year we launched Google classroom with staff, who are now setting their assignments online. 

1.    Students can access Google classroom by visiting
2.    They can log in using their school email address and school password.
3.    They will then be able to see their classes. Within each class, they can view posts and assignments teachers have made.  

Students can also access Google classroom using an app, which is available for android and Apple devices. This can be found by searching for Google Classroom within the Apple App store of Google Play Store. 

If you have any queries regarding the use of Google classroom, please get in touch with Mr Fullman.

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