Bottisham Against Climate Change Launch Day

Bottisham Against Climate Change Launch Day

A message from the Student Leadership Team & Eco-warriers

Friday 20th September 2019, marks the launch of ‘Bottisham against Climate Change’. 

A number of stalls and activities will take place at the World Tree and on the Principal's lawn at break and lunch time. These will include:

  • ·Students writing their concerns about climate change and hanging them on the world tree.
  • ·A sale of reusable water bottles for £1
  • ·An educational stall to answer any questions you have about climate change
  • ·Quizzes and questions, including a global warming based game of kahoot

Climate change is an urgent issue that needs addressing now. The global temperature is rising dramatically. This is already causing the rise of sea levels, an increase in natural disasters and the extinction of countless species. As a school, we are aiming to start combatting the problem in as many ways as possible. Make sure to let your child/ children know about tomorrow’s events and give them the opportunity to learn more and discover how they can have a more positive impact on our planet.
This is something that we all feel passionately about, and aim to make a difference within the Bottisham community. We would love to see as many students as possible and we look forward to answering as many questions as we can.

Best wishes
the Student Leadership Team & Eco-warriers

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