New appeal for laptops & computers

New appeal for laptops & computers

During the lockdown period we wrote to you to appeal for donations of old laptops and desktops.

We had an amazing response with around 50 devices donated to the school.  We were able to refurbish nearly all of these, install Chrome OS and then donate these to students without computer access so they could engage with their remote learning.  These devices made a huge difference to those students, thank you.

We are ensuring we are prepared to support students learning at home once again, to prepare for future possibilities of a lockdown period or if we need to support students at home who are having to self-isolate and are therefore appealing again for more donations. If you have an old laptop, desktop, tablet or Chromebook and you are able to donate the device to school, please do let us know by emailing:

We will ensure all the data from the device is deleted before forwarding it on to a student.

Mr Dom Fullman
Deputy Principal

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