Remote Learning Guidance 2021

Guidance for Remote Learning during 2021

It is imperative that during this latest school closure we continue to follow our ethos of Inspiring, Caring and enriching our students. Led by this and our guiding principles we have devised a remote learning provision that will allow for curriculum continuity enabling teachers to be responsive to ensure that all students receive the best possible education.  To ensure your child can work successfully at home, we have laid out some clear expectations for teachers, students and parents.  We have created a short video to explain how our remote learning program works.

To achieve this students will follow a synchronised timetable with the one that would normally follow whilst in school. This timetable can be found on the intranet. As mentioned this will allow for curriculum continuity and enable teachers to be responsive and change the course of learning if and when needed. Timings of the school day can be seen below. Please note that teachers will finish lessons five minutes early to enable students to get ready for the following session. 

With this in mind, it is important that students have a structured daily routine. This would include breakfast before logging on at 8:40 to ensure they are ready for the day. 

Where do students access the lessons? 
All work will be posted on Google classroom by 8:40am of the day of the lesson. The post will include all instructions and links to the live lessons and lesson resources. For help accessing and using google classroom please see the video below.  Students will need to sign in using their school email account and password.  

What will lessons look like? 
Students will receive a mix of lesson delivery styles depending on the curriculum area or the nature of the content being covered. Most lessons will have a live element so it is important that students are working following their normal timetable lessons. Students can access the live lessons via the link posted in the lesson instructions on google classroom.  

How will the school track engagement and give students feedback?

Will students get homework?
While students are remote learning, we are reluctant to give students more work to do at home.  After receiving feedback through the parent forum and from the student council, we are aware of how intense a full day of remote learning can be.  Students will therefore not be getting regular homework during this period of remote learning, however teachers may set enrichment activities that do not require further screen time, for example reading.  

If your child needs support

Access to a device

Students will need access to a PC or Tablet to access their work. You can also access Google Classroom via the Playstation and XBox, although they may need a keyboard and mouse to make it easier to navigate through the work. 
We have worked hard to identify students where the lack of technology is a barrier to them engaging with remote learning.  Through our donation scheme, we have supported over 100 students with a device to support them with their remote learning.  If you need any support with technology, please do get in touch with

Google classroom support:

Google have put together guidance to support with how Google Classroom works.  

Guidance for submitting work can be found here

Help & Support

Pastoral support 

Our pastoral team is still available to support students remotely.  If they need any help, please ask them to email:

Email contacts

General support enquiries

Specific IT support

Well-being please contact the form tutor of Head of learning 

General subject specific support then please contact the class teacher