At Bottisham Village College, we believe that the personal development of students –

plays a crucial role in their ability to learn, to achieve and to thrive. PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, and it provides students with the skills and knowledge to stay healthy and safe. The PSHE Coordinator oversees our PSHE and Citizenship provision, ensuring that statutory and emerging local needs are met.

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) provision is overseen by the SMSC Lead, who ensures that students understand and appreciate the wide range of cultural influences that shape the heritage of both themselves and others. SMSC also develops the understanding of British History and British Values.

How Learning is Organised
PSHE lessons are delivered on a weekly basis to years 7-10 to students within their form groups. Year 11 receive their PSHE provision through off-timetable days.

The PSHE lessons are delivered in a variety of ways, including tutor-led lessons, discussions, workshops and assemblies. We also use external providers and relevant outside agencies to support and enhance the delivery of the curriculum. 

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
From September 2020, it will become statutory for all secondary schools to deliver Relationships and Sex Education. In preparation for this, Heads of Learning and Pastoral staff have been receiving updated training for this aspect of the curriculum. To further support parents and carers in understanding the topics covered, please see the leaflet in the related documents section.

Our resources are continually reviewed and updated. There is an extensive range of resources designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of personal development.

In addition, our curriculum is tailored to the needs of our students by making use data from the Health Related Behaviour Survey. The survey takes place every two years and is taken by students in Years 8 and 10 across Cambridgeshire. The most recent survey took place in July 2018. The findings of the survey allows the school to measure the impact of PSHE provision as well as forming a school action plan for in areas that students feel they need further development.

Overview of PSHE topics 2019-20.

Year 7
Living in the wider world
Relationships Identity and safety
Healthy living and responsible health choices
Good health and puberty
Living in the wider world - Finance

Year 8
Prejudice, values, extremism and cults.
Relationships Identity and safety
Discrimination, Prejudice and challenges
Looking after our health
My goals, behaviour and emotions
Careers and Finance

Year 9
Achieving with Good Mental Health
Preparing for the wider world - careers and enterprise
Preparing for the wider world - finance and careers
Sex, Relationships and Conflict
Our health and personal safety
Healthy relationships with ourselves and others

Year 10
Healthy relationships with ourselves and others
Sex, Relationships and Conflict
Rights and responsibilities
Achieving with Good Mental Health

A look at our school calendar will indicate the extent and scope of opportunities available to our students, which enhance and support their personal development.  These happen both within the school day and beyond it and they include: extended form time, regular themed assemblies, cultural, drama and music events, workshops and presentations, a highly developed Extended Schools programme and a wide and varied Activities Week programme in July which is open to all our students.

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