Mathematics is concerned with learning to think clearly and logically.

Students are expected to work accurately with number, make sensible estimates, use algebraic symbolism effectively, identify patterns and handle information that is presented in a variety of ways. The faculty offers a course which is directly relevant to the world in which we live, as well as a study of the more abstract mathematical ideas.

Having recently moved into the new building, we have an exceptional working environment for maths. All of our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.  The Elmwood Press GCSE Mathematics series of textbooks in used by the faculty and also makes use of a wide variety of other textbooks and resources to provide support, challenge and enrichment.
All students have access to computers on which they work with databases, spreadsheets, dynamic geometry software and function graph plotters.  The faculty subscribes to the website to access teaching and learning materials, including some games, outside school hours.
How learning is organised
Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum. Students are taught in maths sets according to their achievement and potential. Setting is reviewed regularly. In addition to normal classroom work, all students undertake projects and activities that assess their use and application of mathematics both in abstract and real-life situations.  This learning helps students see the links between mathematical concepts which is increasingly important on the new GCSE examinations.

Years 7 to 9
Students follow a curriculum that prepares them for the GCSE course ahead. All students are taught in a way that challenges and stretches them so that they can realise their potential.  A number of students from all years enter the UK Mathematics Challenge and two Year 8 teams participate in the Cambridge Maths Challenge. Students are assessed against the curriculum descriptors to ensure that they are make progress against their starting point
Years 10 and 11
All students take Maths at GCSE. This will be assessed through three exams, all to be taken at the end of the course.
· Paper 1 33.3% Calculator NOT allowed
· Paper 2 33.3% Calculator allowed
· Paper 3 33.3% Calculator allowed
The exams can be taken at either Higher or Foundation level. The final level of entry for each student will not be decided until January of Year 11.Maths GCSEs will now be graded 1 to 9, with 9 being the top grade.

Current Syllabus : AQA
It is our belief that all students can enjoy maths and all can be challenged to reach exceptional levels.

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