Knowledge Organisers

At BVC, we are striving to create a five-year curriculum plan that builds effective revision strategies

into homework and lessons to ensure that students are able to place powerful knowledge into their long-term memories. Additionally, we hope that this will help build effective learning strategies from early in their time here at the college.
Based on evidence, we know that regular recall activities are the best way of achieving this goal and committing powerful knowledge into the students’ memories.
At the start of each term, we shall publish all the knowledge organisers that students will require for their studies in each curriculum area. These will cover a range of aspects: facts, dates, characters, quotes, precise definitions and important vocabulary. We are clear: if this fundamental knowledge is secured, students can then develop their higher-level skills of analysis and critical understanding with greater depth.
They will be given an electronic A4 Knowledge Organiser (KO) booklet for each term containing all of the knowledge required. In lessons, Bottisham staff will be regularly testing this fundamental knowledge, using short-quizzes or even more formal “Faculty Knowledge Tests”.
The best way to use these organisers at home, is to follow a simple mantra:

  1. Look at a certain aspects of a particular knowledge organiser
  2. Cover up part of their knowledge organiser
  3. Write it out from memory
  4. Check and correct any spelling mistakes, missing bits or mistakes



                  Year 7                                   Year 8                                     Year 9                   

Term 1

Term 1 Term 1

Term 2

Term 2 Term 2

Term 3

Term 3 Term 3
Enrichment Reading List - All Years
Years 10 & 11 


 All Year

English Language

All Year

English Literature

Year 10 All Year
Year 11 All Year

Macbeth Wider Reading Booklet


All year


All year

Food & Nutrition

All Year


Year 10 - Term 1
Year 10 - Term 2

Year 11 - Term 1
Year 11 - Term 2


Business Studies

Year 10 Term 1
Year 10 Term 2

Year 11 Term 1
Year 11 Term 2

Enterprise & Marketing

Year 10 - All Year
Year 11 - All Year 


Year 10

Year 11



Year 10 Term 1
Year 10 Term 2

Year 11 Term 1
Year 11 Term 2


Henry VIII & his Ministers
Medicine in Britain
Superpower Relations & the Cold War
Weimar & Nazi Germany


Year 10 Term 1
Year 10 Term 2

Year 11 Terms 1 & 2



All year

Product Design

All year

Religious Studies

All year


All year

Computer Science

All year

Biology - Year 10
Biology - Year 11

Chemistry - Year 10
Chemistry - Year 11

Physics - Year 10
Physics - Year 11

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