We believe the Bottisham experience should be about so much more than simply academic attainment;

and that the school should enrich the lives of our students well beyond the classroom.

Students in Years 7 to 9 will have one lesson per fortnight covering topics that we feel are incredibly important, but that are not always easy to fit into normal lessons. 

These topics will be:

1 Finance Students will be given a grounding in various aspects of finance, giving them the confidence and ability to deal with their first bank accounts, debit cards, and payslips. They will also investigate the pros and cons of borrowing, from mortgages to pay day loans, as well as being taught how to create and stick to a budget.
2 Public Speaking The ability to communicate clearly and confidently is increasingly important in the modern world. From interacting with colleagues, to presenting to a team, to formal interviews, being able to talk fluently will be a vital skill for students through their lives.
3 Study Skills Students will be taught various methods to assist with their revision and their learning, and how to best make use of these during their time at school. Through techniques such as interleaving and converting facts to stories, students will develop the skills that will be vital to them in the years ahead.
4 Cultural Capital  Students learn a lot at school, but is rare for them to investigate a subject simply because it is fun, interesting, or new. Cultural Capital sessions will cover a wide range of topics chosen for no other reason than that they will widen the students’ cultural and social experience. From Bee Keeping, to Triathlon, to Japanese Cooking, these sessions are a chance for students to explore topics beyond the traditional classroom experience.
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