Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Bottisham follows the standard National Curriculum subjects for the vast majority of students.

However, where a student has particular learning or medical needs, and/or where they are gifted and talented, the curriculum may be personalized to reflect their individual needs.  

Year 7
In September 2018, we admitted 240 students into Year 7.
These students were placed in eight mixed ability form groups.  Although a few adjustments may be made to these groups, students normally remain in the same form group throughout their five years at Bottisham.

In Year 7 all students follow a common course: there are 50 lessons in a two-week cycle which are divided as follows: 

English 7 Creative Design (Art, Dance, Drama, Music)  6
Maths 8 Computing 2
Science 6 Design & Technology 3
French 5 PE 4
History 3 Practical Literacy 1
Geography 3 Religious Education 2

Students are placed in broad ability bands for all subjects except art, drama, music, creative design and physical education which are mixed ability.  The banding is carried out on the basis of the KS2 standardised scores.  Our aim is to ensure that all students are at national expectations by the end of year 7.

x band y band Description
Upper Band
7 Hawking 7 Rattle

These are true parallel groups with even gender and ability slplits.

Students in these groups have an average scaled score of more than 101*

* This criteria may change each year depending on the year group.

7 Rowling 7 Malala
7 Dyson 7 MacArthur
Lower band
7 Dweck 7 Goodall These are true parallel groups with even gender and ability slplits.

Students in these groups have an average scaled score of less than 101*

* This criteria may change each year depending on the year group.
7 Sanderson 7 Branson

Other subjects below are taught in different sets:

• Enrichment - This is set in line with Humanities sets 1-4, with Hums set 5 students distributed evenly by gender and attainment across the other 4 sets
• PE: Single-Sex Groups based on prior attainment
• Technology: Mixed Attainment
• Arts: Mixed Attainment

Banding will be monitored closely over the first few weeks and movements made in the unlikely event that  students appear to have been misplaced.  Students arriving with incomplete data will be placed in a ‘best fit’ set with their abilities being assessed as a matter of priority over the initial weeks of term.
Students failing to achieve expected levels of achievement during KS2 will be identified by primary schools during the summer term. This group will be a key focus for the college on entry.   Progress will be closely monitored by Heads of Learning and members of the College Leadership team. 

Assessment and reporting

Students’ work is regularly assessed in all subjects, with internal, formal examinations being held in Years 10 and 11.

All faculties follow a common framework for assessing students’ learning and providing feedback. Oral and written feedback recognise what has been achieved and indicate how further progress can be made.  Students are encouraged to reflect on their assessments, to engage in peer and self-assessment, and to take increasing ownership of their learning.
Each faculty updates their assessment data at least once per term, together with information regarding effort, behaviour, homework and organisation. This is usually done once a formal assessment has been completed.
In both key stages, two formal progress checks are sent home. These checks summarise progress against targets in each subject area and give grades for effort, behaviour, homework and organisation. One of the reports contains a tutor comment on general progress and wellbeing (2018-19), and gives additional data  about the attendance and behaviour of students, along with any rewards that they have received.
Parents can also access the college intranet at any time; this contains the above information.
Statutory assessment information is available to parents throughout the year via BVC Parental Remote Access. Through this system, we offer a dynamic live output of current levels/anticipated grades against targets in each subject. This facility also gives the opportunity for parents and carers to contact subject or form teachers directly and to monitor all key data regarding their sons/daughters.
A summary of how we assess students in years 7, 8 & 9 is below.

High- Attaining Students

Without question, the college recognises that we have some high-attaining students who will require an extra-level of challenge in all areas: curriculum, extra-curricular activities and cultural awareness. With this is mind, we adopt a number of strategies:

Parents are invited to make contact with Mr Gee to discuss, if appropriate.

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