Food & Nutrition

Food Preparation & Nutrition is an applied learning subject - everything students do is linked to the world of hospitality

The curriculum will teach students the skills and subject knowledge to be successful in this field. Food students learn by doing, lessons are a good mix of classroom based theory and practical experience. The subject encourages students to work as a team as well as building independence and creativity.

Catering is taught in a purpose-built block which contains three food rooms, including two newly refurbished catering rooms built to commercial standards.

Years 7, 8 and 9
Across key stage 3 students are taught a progressive framework of skills and knowledge which comprise of essential building blocks around the themes of diet and health, consumer awareness, cooking and food safety for children and young people. Within this students develop their knowledge and understanding of ingredients, food preparation skills and cooking techniques allowing them to develop their creative, technical and practical expertise. Students also learn about nutrients in food, as well as their sources and functions with the aim of developing their understanding of the needs of consumers as well as helping them to make informed choices relating to their own diet.

Years 10 and 11
In KS4 students study GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. The main areas of study are cooking and food preparation, food provenance and manufacturing, the science of food, nutrition and healthy eating and food commodities. Assessment is by a mixture of practical tasks, projects and a written paper. Practical lessons provide a realistic working environment in which students produce dishes for different types of occasion. They learn high level, professional, food preparation and cooking skills. 
What does GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition lead to?
It is an excellent choice for students who are interested in a career in the Food Service or Hospitality Industry.   You can also take Catering as a practical complement to other subjects.

Current syllabus: GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition—WJEC

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