Our curriculum vision matches and reflects the overall ethos of the college: Inspiring, Caring and Enriching

Our curriculum aims to inspire students of all attainment levels, with the knowledge and content being relevant for 21st Century young people who can contribute positively to society, as well as retaining the principles of traditional education. Knowledge-rich, the curriculum will enable students to think more deeply, to develop a wide range of skills, to apply knowledge, to problem-solve, to analyse and to be self-disciplined as they reflect on their own learning. 

Inspired students recognise they are making progress.

It is our belief that the curriculum should give students an acute awareness of the wider world, their place in the world and give them the ability to engage in educated conversations and activities, so they can access a breadth of opportunities in their later lives.

We recognise that inspired students become confident and caring people and enthused students with a lifelong love of learning have greater future opportunities.  We will inspire and engage with our community with our adult education programme, remaining true to our village college tradition.

Our curriculum is tailored according to need and embraces our comprehensive ideal, giving the students a pathway built for them and helps them to thrive as part of our healthy, happy community. Reflecting our inclusive creed, our curriculum is ambitious for all, allows access for all and supports those who most need our focus. We are clear: literacy, spoken communication and numeracy must be at the very heart of inclusion.

In addition, our curriculum aims to promote fundamental British values: tolerance, resilience, respect and good citizenship, coupled with social, moral and spiritual understanding. We recognise that we must support our students to make strong choices to promote a healthy-lifestyle, in order to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Whilst we retain academic rigour, we strive for our curriculum to develop students’ potential to be truly accomplished people.

Our curriculum aims to give students the opportunities to enhance and extend their learning: students will be supported to read ahead, read around a subject and read for curiosity, ensuring that their learning lens is not confined to the classroom and widened appropriately. We recognise that experience is a central aspect of education, and our suite of extra-curricular opportunities reflect this.

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At Bottisham Village College we aim to support the life development of our students.

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