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As you can see from our detailed risk assessment, we have taken significant measures to help mitigate the risk of transmission in our community by taking some fundamental steps:

Risk Assessment

The re-opening Risk Assessment can be read here

Provision of home learning for self-isolating students
We are committed to providing home learning for students who are self-isolating because they, or somebody in their household, are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. When we are notified that a student is self-isolating, we compile a list and inform teachers by email. However, it is likely that teachers won’t be able to access their emails until the end of the school day. As a result, we would recommend that students carry out either or both of the following tasks during day 1 of self-isolation:
1.      Visit the Oak National Academy website  and complete one or more lessons from each of the subjects that you would have been taught. This site offers free, high-quality video lessons and resources that, in many subjects, closely match the curriculum followed by students at Bottisham.

2.      Use the relevant Knowledge Organisers on the College website  to reinforce the core curriculum knowledge from some of your subjects. In addition to providing links to all the knowledge organisers, by subject, year and term, advice is given about how best to use them.

From day 2 of self-isolation onwards, you should be set work on Google Classroom for each subject on your timetable. However, there may occasionally be delays due to staff absence. If you have not been set work for a subject, we would encourage you to contact the class teacher direct, either via Google Classroom or by email. You may also wish to complete additional work from the two sources above.

Self-Isolation Guides from Cambridgeshire County Council

Covid-19 Related Absence from school – a Quick Guide for Parents


What are the Rules on Self Isolation? – a Quick Guide for Parents

A ‘contact’ is a person who has been close to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 anytime from 2 days before the person had symptoms (or a positive test if no symptoms) and up to 10 days from the start of their symptoms (when they are infectious to others). So this means anyone who:

• Is in their household (living together, sharing kitchen or bathroom)
• Has been closer to them than 1m for one minute or longer
• Has been within 2m of them for more than 15 minutes
• Has had face-to-face contact (within 1m), been coughed on or had skin-skin physical contact
• Has travelled in a small vehicle with them, even on a short journey.

You may also find this diagram about actions to take if someone in your household develops Covid 19 symptoms helpful.





















Further information can be found here:


Please find below letters to our community concerning reopening in the COVID context.

Track & Trace Letter

Covis Response Flow Chart

Updated information from Mrs Rankine (September 2020)

End of Summer Term letter from Mrs Rankine (July 2020)

Face Coverings in school

Home School Agreement (September 2020)

Other Links

More details can be found in our risk assessment, but also in this video which was released to parents before the start of term (Please note: there may be changes to the information found in this video)

Privacy Notice (Covid19

Behaviour Addendem (September 2020)

Cambridgeshire SEND Service videos:
Supporting parents and carers in the restoration and recovery phase of COVID-19

Support for students during the Covid-19 crisis

Support for parents & carers during the Covid 19 crisis

Information from Cambridgeshire County Council below

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