Year 9

Year 9

One of the main features of Year 9 is the options process which will begin at the end of January 2021

 It is important that they make good choices - and that means making informed choices.

The Pathways to the Future booklet is designed to help students choose the right options for them for the following year. This will be issued to students in the Spring term and it explains the sort of things that they need to be thinking about, the questions that they need to ask, and where they can get the answers that you need. It contains details of all the subjects and courses on offer, and serves as a basic source of reference. There will also be a Virtual Pathways to the Future Information evening for parents which will be made available on Monday 25th January 2021.

More information about Pathways to the future can be found here and information on each subject on our Curriculum pages.

Curriculum Information for Year 9

Subject Setting Notes
English Based on prior attainment, students are set from 1-5 on both X and Y halves of the year.
Students in sets 1-3 will have 6 lessons of English over a 2 week timetable and take French and German; students in sets 4 and 5 will have 8 lessons over a 2 week timetable and take French.
Maths Based on prior attainment, students are set from 1-5 on both X and Y halves of the year


Students in sets 1-3 are being prepared to study the Higher tier paper at the end of Year 11, with ultimate goal that all students achieve a grade 5 or higher.
Students in sets 4 and 5 are being prepared to sit the Foundation paper at the end of Year 11, with the ultimate goal that they achiee a grade 4 or 5
Science The banding format used in year 7 is maintained in science with 3 upper and 2 lower band groups on each half of the year.
Upper band groups: 9XLi, 9XPl, 9XLn, 9YAt, 9YWu, 9YRi
Lower band groups: 9XPe, 9XWa, 9YHe, 9YAv
Computer Science sets are aligned to science sets and will be exactly the same.
Humanities Students are in mixed attainment groups, the same for all the humanitiess subjects: history, geography and REP.


MFL Students’ setting here is aligned to their English set.


Technology / Arts Mixed attainment rotations  
PE Single sex groups based on prior attainment. Group 5 is a mixed gender higher attaining group.  






















Thomas Lamb
Head of Learning Year 9 / Teacher of Science
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