Year 7

In September 2019, we admitted 271 students into Year 7. 

These students were placed in nine mixed ability form groups. Although a few adjustments may be made to these groups, students normally remain in the same form group throughout their five years at Bottisham.

In the main, year 7 students follow this curriculum. There are 50 lessons in a two-week cycle which are divided as follows:

English 7 History 3 Food & Nutrition, Computer Science & Resistant materials in rotation 4
Maths 8 Geography 3
Dance 2 Science 5 Art 2
French 5 PE 4 Drama 2
PSHE 2 Religious Education 1 Music 2

Our Support groups follow a different curriculum pathway, ensuring that they are supported with key components of knowledge for maths and English.

In Year 7, students are placed in broad ability bands for all subjects except maths, art, drama, music, creative design and physical education which are mixed ability.  The banding is carried out on the basis of the National Curriculum Assessments and Teacher Assessments carried out at the end of KS2. 

Banding will be monitored closely over the first few weeks as base-line assessments are carried out. It is possible that movements may be made in the unlikely event that students appear to have been misplaced.  Students arriving with incomplete data will be placed in a ‘best fit’ set with their abilities being assessed as a matter of priority over the initial weeks of term.

In year 7, maths will have independent setting, aside from these groups.

x band y band Description
Extended Groups
Hawking Rattle

These are true parallel groups with even gender and ability splits.

Students in these groups have an average scaled score of 101 and above

Rowling Malala
Dyson MacArthur
Core Groups
Sanderson Goodall These are true parallel groups with even gender and ability slplits.

Students in these groups have a scaled score for reading of below 101.

Support Groups
Attenborough Branson Students are in these groups based on their scaled score for reading and/or raw arithmetic scores for maths. 
Students in these groups typically have scaled scores that are significantly below 100 for reading and/or maths.

The range of scaled scores available for each KS2 test is the same:

A scaled score of 100 or more means that a student has met the expected standard in each test; a scaled score of 99 or less means they haven't reached the government-expected standard.
Students failing to achieve expected levels of achievement during KS2 will be identified by primary schools during the summer term.  Once a group has been established, parents will be informed by the primary schools and invited to attend the college summer school which will focus on literacy and numeracy.   All of these students will receive additional 1-2-1  or small group intervention with higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) with the aim of reaching level 4 by the end of Year 7.  Progress will be closely monitored by Heads of Learning and members of the College Leadership team.

Malcolm Baker
Director of Transition (Year 7)
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