Exam Guidance

Exam Guidance

Please find information below regarding how qualifications are being awarded in 2021

Summer 2021 - Results & Appeals

The following guidance is for candidates wishing to appeal a grade or qualification awarded this summer.

How have grades been awarded this summer?
Grades awarded this summer are based on the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) schools submitted to awarding organisations (exam boards). Every effort has been made to make these grades as fair and as accurate as possible. Each grade is the holistic judgement of a carefully selected range of assessment evidence with every decision undergoing a rigorous process of internal assessment, moderation and quality assurance. In addition, awarding organisations (exam boards) have undertaken their own external quality assurance checks to ensure accuracy and confidence in the grades awarded.

A reminder of details concerning our process can be found above.

What should I do if I feel my grade does not reflect my true ability?
An additional autumn exam series has been put in place for this purpose. Candidates will have the opportunity to sit any of the exams that they missed this summer and then to select the higher of the summer and autumn grades to use for progression.

The provisional dates for these exams are 1st November to 3rd December with a deadline for entries of 4th October.

For more information, please contact our exams officer, Fiona Delanoy (fdelanoy@bottishamvc.org), no later than Monday 27th September 2021.

What should I do if I think that an error has been made and that my grade is incorrect?
Hopefully you can feel reassured by the rigour of our process. If however, you still have questions or concerns, in the first instance speak to us. There will be staff available in school on results day (12th August) to advise and to support. Thereafter, you can email enquiries to examresults2021@bottishamvc.org

What should I do if I decide that I wish to appeal a grade?
The information below outlines the nature of the appeals process, the grounds on which you can make an appeal and the step by step process that you would need to follow.

Understanding the appeals process
There are two stages to the Summer 2021 appeals process.
Appeals MUST go through Stage 1 before progressing on to Stage 2.

Stage 1: Centre review
At this stage, we will check for any administrative errors and to confirm that we have followed all of our own policies and procedures as outlined in our Centre Policy here. The Centre Policy itself has already been approved by awarding organisations (exam boards).
If the review suggests that a grade should go up or down, we will ask the relevant awarding organisation (exam board) to change it. They will consider our request.
We will communicate the outcomes of this review to you directly and confirm whether you wish us to proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2: Appeal to the awarding organisation
If, following the outcome of the Centre review, you (the student) still feel that an error has been made, you can ask us to make an appeal to the relevant awarding organisation (exam board) on your behalf. Again, it is important to understand that as a result of an appeal, a grade could go up, stay the same or go down.

The awarding organisation will communicate the outcomes of their review to you directly.

Grounds for appeal
There are four main grounds for appeal, as dictated by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). They are:

1. You think we have made an administrative error: an example of this would be putting the wrong information into a spreadsheet.
2. You think we have made a procedural error: this means we haven’t properly followed our own process, as approved by the exam board.
3. You think the academic judgement on the selection of evidence was unreasonable*:
4. You think the academic judgement on the grade you were given was unreasonable*.
It means that the independent reviewers will not remark or grade pupils’ evidence. Instead, they will look to see whether any teacher acting reasonably could have arrived at the same grade.

What should I do if I wish to appeal against my grades?
All candidates have the opportunity to appeal a grade if they believe that they meet one or more of the four grounds for appeal listed above.

Step 1: Read the JCQ Student and Parent guide before appealing. [JCQ have promised to publish this in advance of results day. We will communicate a link once this becomes available]
Step 2: Download, complete and return a signed version of Section 1 of the Pupil Request Form. This includes signing a declaration saying that you accept the fact that the grade may go down and result in a lower grade than the original TAG.

What are the timeframes for making appeals?

Stage 1: Centre review - To meet awarding organisation deadlines, enquiries regarding appeals should be raised via the examresults2021@bottishamvc.org no later than 20 August, with a signed copy of Pupil Request Form - section 1 received in school no later than midday on Friday 3rd September.

The college will endeavour to communicate the outcomes of all Stage 1: Centre reviews no later than Monday 6 September.

Stage 2: Awarding organisation appeal - Following the completion of a Stage 1: Centre review, candidates wishing to proceed to stage 2 must complete and return a signed copy of the Pupil Request Form - section 3 no later than midday on Monday 13th September. We will then submit the appeal on your behalf.

Awarding organisations (exam boards) will contact you directly with the outcome of their review. They have stated that they will aim to complete appeals as quickly as possible and aim to have all appeals completed within 42 days of submission.

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