Year 10

In Year 10 students enter a new phase of their education: Key stage 4.

During the next two years student focus on developing both their academic achievements to allow them to progress to the next stage of education at sixth form, college or training in the workplace, as well as their skills and attributes. To achieve this, students are presented with a wide variety of new activities to develop as a fully rounded ‘Bottisham Student’.  Encouraged is given for students to be increasingly creative and reflective learners; a large emphasis is placed on the enrichment of the student and the development of leadership.

A special feature of Year 10 is Work Experience where students get to immerse themselves in an employment sector of their choice. This often shapes future career choices and develops the student’s perspective of the workplace.

Year 10 also have to chance to become a Year 8 mentor. These mentors work closely with a small group of younger students and help them with both social and academic development. The process is incredibly rewarding for the mentor and is a significant factor in a student developing the CREST values that make up our ‘Bottisham Student’ model.

Leadership forms a large part of Year 10 and students are encouraged to be as active as possible in this area. Opportunities are available in all curriculum areas; and in some faculties students can earn awards for completing a set number of hours.

PSHE in year 10 covers a range of topics under the headings of personal and economic wellbeing including drug and alcohol awareness, preparation for the world of work and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Each term students take part in inter form competitions and in year ten these cover football, handball, golf, badminton, cricket, netball, hockey and basketball.

Throughout the year, the Head of Learning, Assistant Head of Learning and the team of tutors will work to support progress of all young people and would welcome contact from home regarding student progress and development. The schools remote access provision ensures that update information can be accessed by parents and students alike. This can be accessed from the top menu.

Curriculum Information for Year 10

Subject Setting Notes
English Based on prior attainment, students are set from 1-5 on both X and Y halves of the year,  
Maths Based on prior attainment, students are set from 1-5 on both X and Y halves of the year


Students in sets 1and 2 are being prepared to study the Higher tier paper at the end of Year 11, with ultimate goal that all students achieve a grade 5 or higher.
Students in sets 3, 4 and 5 are being prepared to sit the Foundation paper at the end of Year 11, with the ultimate goal that they achieve a grade 4 or 5
Science Students will be separated into classes based on their option choice of either Separate Sciences or Combined Science.
Within these groups students will be set based on prior attainment and sets will be numbered accordingly.
Humanities Mixed attainment  
MFL Mixed attainment, save for when two or more MFL options are taught concurrently.  
Technology / Arts Mixed attainment  
Computer Science (Options) Mixed attainment Target 7 for maths required
GCSE PE / BTEC PE Mixed attainment  
Core PE Single sex groups based on prior attainment  



























Denise Cook
KS4 Pastoral Support Worker & WEX Co-ordinator
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Deputy Principal
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