Henry Morris Awards

Henry Morris Awards

Henry Morris was the visionary founder of the village colleges in Cambridgeshire.

When he died in 1961, a group of his friends set up the Henry Morris Memorial Trust in order to remember him. The main function of the Trust is to make funding awards for a specific purpose to young people aged 13-19 in Cambridgeshire. You can apply for a funding award to support independently-planned travel, expeditions and special projects. Examples of what the Trust may offer an award for:

•  Travel abroad - Your trip might take you overseas – for example, a trip to France to investigate the history of the piano at the Paris Museum of Music
•  Travel in Britain - You may want to travel somewhere in Britain – for example, a bird-spotting trip to Land's End
•  A special project - You may have a home-based project – for example, you may want to build a RAKU kiln in your back garden.

Who can apply?
You must be a young person age 13 – 19 living in Cambridgeshire. You can apply on your own, with a friend or in a small group.

How much can you apply for?
Awards are usually made between £20 and £300. Successful applications are often those that demonstrate that you have thought about where else you might seek funds to make your project possible.


•  You cannot apply for funding for projects that have started before you submit your application. Projects must take place between April – September.

•  The Trust funds travel and projects which are substantially planned by you. This means whether you
plan something by yourself or in a group, there must be no adult involvement in the planning or managing of your project (although an adult may accompany your trip).

 The Trust does not fund:

•  If your project involves a group, you must each complete a separate application form.
•  You must be available to attend an interview in Cambridge on Saturday 4 March between 10am – 1pm.

What is the application process?
November - December Do your research and plan your project. For more ideas and information please visit the website www.henrymorris.org

January - Complete your application form and submit to the Trust by 31st January 2020
March - If your application meets the criteria, you will be invited to an interview to present your ideas to the Trust. This will take place in Cambridge. If the Trust decides to offer you an award, you will be notified shortly afterwards.
April – September -  Your project should take place within this period. The Trust will send you a cheque for the funding award.
September - You must submit a report on your project to the Trust by 30th September 2020.

More details can be found here http://henrymorris.org/