‘School-University Partnership for Educational Research’ (SUPER)

‘School-University Partnership for Educational Research’ (SUPER)

As a school we are part of the 'School-University Partnership for Educational Research' (SUPER)

This aims to link educational research within a schools-university partnership. The Research Schools Partnership was created by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and a group of head teachers.
The schools within the partnership regularly join together at the Faculty of Education in Cambridge and share emerging findings from the cross school research projects. Annually a conference is held to reflect on the research projects. In July 2015 the partnership agreed a common focus for research on’ Well-being and Resilience’.
The following research question is being addressed: How can character, resilience and well-being be promoted in an educational climate of outcome accountability?
A current summary of the research can be found here.

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Further information about the partnership can be found here https://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/research/projects/super/

or contact the Teacher Research Lead - Katie Neville-Jones