Achievement, Pupil Premium & Ofsted Report

We are absolutely committed to ensuring that all our students achieve their full potential, both academically and socially, irrespective of their prior attainment.


In 2019, almost  75% of all students achieved good GCSE passes in both English and mathematics, a crucial benchmark which enables students to move on to higher level courses. Students excel at BVC: a third of all GCSE grades in 2019 were graded 9-7 (Equivalent of A* and A), with many students achieving a suite of results in the top 5% of students nationally. Alongside traditional academic rigour, our students perform well across a broad curriculum offer, as we support students to achieve and be enriched in an all-round manner.  We are incredibly proud of the Alternative Provision we offer to some students, ensuring they leave us with the qualification, skills and mindsets required for a 21st Century Citizen.
In addition to traditional GCSE subjects, we also offer a range of complementary vocational courses with pass rates at an exceptionally high level. These results consistently enable our Year 11 students to progress onto their chosen course or destination when they leave us. The overwhelming majority of our students take up places at sixth form centres in Cambridge. Students are fortunate to have access to a range of highly regarded establishments offering a variety of academic and vocational programmes.
Beyond academic achievement, we place great emphasis on supporting young people to develop a broad range of interests outside the classroom and encourage them to strive for excellence in these areas too. We track students’ achievements in extra-curricular activities, such as sport and the arts, as well as their contribution to the life of the college and the development of their individual leadership skills.
We firmly believe that this broad, inclusive approach ensures that our students leave us fully prepared to relish the challenges they will face and thrive in their adult lives.

Progress 8 Students average this many GCSE grades above similar ability peers .20
Attainment 8 Students average this grade across their best 8 GCSEs 50.82
English & Maths the percentage of pupils who’ve achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths at the end of KS4 54%
EBACC % students entered 57.6%
Average point score (EBacc APS), showing pupils’ point scores across the 5 pillars of the EBacc.  4.7
EBACC 5+ Students achieving Grade 5 and above in the EBACC subjects 28%






Examination Results 2019
GCSE subject %of A* -A grades %of 9-4 grades
English Language 21 76
English Literature 22 83
Maths 27 76
Biology 59 99
Chemistry 52 99
Physics 56 98
Geography 30 71
History 36 67
Religious Studies 41 74
Business Studies 24 68
French 16 81
PE 29 88
Art 32 93
Drama 5 47
Dance 5 47
Music 58 95
Product Design 13 61
Food & Nutrition 29 73
Computer Science 30 83
















Vocational Qualifications % Distinction -Pass (equivalent to A* - C)
Health & Social Care  











School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State can be accessed here

Destinations of KS4 students in 2017
  Number Percentage
Total number of students 202 100%
Into Learning 193 94.1%
- Sixth Form 132 64.3%
- FE College 60 29.3%
- Apprenticeships 1 0.5%
- Employment with trainng up to NVQ2 0 0
Employment without training 3 1.5%
Moved away 5 2.4%
NEET 1 0.5%
No response 3 1.5%

Pupil Premium

The college's Pupil premium Strategy for 2019 - 20 can be found here

Pupil Premium Catch up funding 2019-20

2019/20 Academic Year
Number of students in year 7 276
Number of students below SS100 in  either reading or maths  41 students in maths
45 students in English
Funding recieved £15,000

• To ensure that all students make excellent progress in line with their peers
• To close the attainment gap


. Smaller class sizes, with additional adult support  for students who do not meet the expected standard in both of their KS2  Maths and English SATS tests
• An additional class group in Maths and English for lower attaining students
• 8 week Sounds Training intervention for those with a SS95 or below
• Form time and in class maths support for those not meeting expected standard in maths

Intervention Impact
Intervention   Average Progress made Achieving end of year target grade
Sound Training Reading, Spelling and vocabulary intervention Increase in reading age of 2 years 5 months  

Coronavirus Catch-up Premium

The catch-up premium has been designed to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). Consequently, the grant is only available for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

Details of Bottisham's Coronavirus Catch-up premium can be found here. 


Our most recent Ofsted inspection was in June 2012. We were judged to be outstanding in all categories: Achievement, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour & Safety and Leadership & Management.  As an ambitious and aspirational College, we are excited at the prospect of building on this success in the future. A copy of the full inspection report can be found on the right hand side of the page or viewed online here -

Ed Compton
Deputy Principal
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