Year 11 Revision & Curriculum Support - Spring 2018

Year 11 Revision & Curriculum Support - Spring 2018

We have an unrelenting commitment to ensure success for every individual student in Year 11,

regardless of their starting point, aspirations and plans for future study beyond Bottisham.

To that end, as promised last term, our additional support package for Year 11 students is now underway: geared at supporting all students to maximise their potential in the February mock examinations and beyond.

Each faculty across the college has their own specific programme of intervention and support in place, consisting of in-class strategies, pre-learning tasks, directed revision activities, the use and tracking of online applications, and of course lunchtime and evening revision and extended learning sessions. At various points throughout the remainder of the year, you will be contacted by faculties directly outlining specific ways in which they are supporting your child, and in turn asking for your support in triangulating this support between student, teacher and home.

Below is our centralised timetable of revision support that is in place for the forthcoming weeks, in order that you have a clear picture of the offer form across the college. 

Whilst this timetable is not entirely prescriptive and some of these sessions are self-selective, allowing students to take responsibility for their own learning and direct their revision priorities, many students will be guided by their teachers and heads of faculty to attend certain sessions. In these cases, may we ask for your support in strongly encouraging your child to attend: the sessions will have been designed with your child’s specific needs in mind, targeting particular areas of the exam that they may need to work in order to maximise their potential in the mock and final examinations. 

Given the volume of these sessions, it may be that you feel your child is torn between attending one session or another on any given day. If this is the case, some important factors to bear in mind:

  • the core curriculum (English, maths and science) are essential for all successful pathways at post 16
  • choosing sessions that your child has been specifically asked to attend
  • diagnosing areas for further development, and focusing on these areas when making revision choices

We are ever mindful of your child’s wellbeing, and understand that experiencing such a crucial time in their education will not come without its concerns and additional levels of stress: this is only natural. However, we do have a commitment to minimise these concerns for all students, and we would suggest that regular and consistent attendance to lunchtime and after school revision, sessions will actually go a long way to allay these worries. Particularly for students struggle with ‘what’ and ‘how’ to revise, and for those students who find it difficult to motivate themselves to work once the school day is over, this directed time will be vital in framing their revision programme as the year progresses. It will also provide an opportunity for students to extend their learning and develop their thinking as the aim for the highest possible outcomes at KS4.

In addition to our revision programme, there are other ways in which we are able to support your child with in dealing with the potential stresses of Year 11 study:

  • Consultation with Pastoral Support Lead for Upper School: Mrs Cook
  • Mindfulness sessions: these will be arranged in the week leading up to the mock and final examinations
  • Stress Less workshops: led by our SENDCo, Mrs Saunders

As always, all members of the Upper School team will be on hand to talk through any queries you may have regarding any aspect of your child’s education or wellbeing.

Mr D Griffiths:
Deputy Principal: Head of Upper School

Year 11 Revision and Curriculum Support timetable: Spring 2018





















*N.B: The maths faculty have communicated with students about which intervention group they are in and therefore which sessions to attend.

Learning Support: This faculty will be open for all students who wish to have a quiet and supportive environment in which to work and revise after school. There will often be support staff on hand to answer any questions and support with structuring revision.

The Mock Exam timetable can be found here

and Exam Guidance here

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