Year 11 Mock Examinations

Year 11 Mock Examinations

Formal mock exams will take place in January & February 2018

Please see the timetable below. 






















The science exams are timetabled for two weeks earlier than the rest of the exams; this is because the timings are set by PiXL, the largest schools partnership in England and Wales, who will help with the analysis of our results.

Revision and Exam Preparation:
In order that Year 11 are fully prepared for the mock examinations in February, the college will be taking a variety of steps to ensure students have a full package of academic and pastoral support come the new term. During the weeks leading up to the examinations, faculties across the college have in place their own intervention and support packages. These will include programmes such as: lunchtime and after school sessions focusing on specific areas of each exam, individual mentoring approaches for some students, revision based homework tasks, interim assessments, revision techniques and exam preparation sessions and wellbeing sessions. As faculties communicate these programmes to you in the new year, may we ask that you support your child in attending them; in the past they have proven to be a vital additional layer of support in the run up to each examination period.

Additionally, we shall write to you in the new year about our successful annual half term and Easter revision programmes: full daytime sessions during these periods, which focus on different areas of the curriculum and during which extremely focused exam based learning takes place. It would be helpful to have the dates highlighted in students’ diaries now in order that they are able to fully engage with the programmes once they arrive.

Finally, we shall be doing some further work with the whole of Year 11 on how and what to revise: a topic I know is often a challenge for many students. It will be important that your child has a clear timetable of evening and weekend revision in from January onwards, focusing on their specific areas of development identified through conversations with their subject teachers following the October mock examinations. As always, the Year 11 team are always happy to have further conversations with you about how, collectively, we can best support your child as they prepare for their examinations.

Year 11 have made a superb start to the academic year and we are very excited about supporting their continued journey to success in 2018.

Mr D Griffiths
Deputy Principal (Head of Upper School)

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