Year 10 & 11 English texts for next year

Year 10 & 11 English texts for next year

As all English exams are now closed book, it is advisable that students read the set texts in advance.

Whilst the school will provide copies of any set texts required for use in the classroom, we strongly recommend that students have their own copies if possible. This way, they will be able to annotate and highlight the text in class, as well as being able to read these texts more than once at home. As these are closed book examinations, students will also need to memorise quotations for their examinations. Reading the text more than once is the only way for students to gain a secure knowledge and full understanding in preparation for their final exams.

The texts required, along with the relevant ISBN number and edition are listed below. This will enable you, if you wish, to purchase these texts in advance. There is no need to purchase any particular edition but the following are those we will be using in lessons and are the best value. 

Year 10 (current year 9)
For English Literature students will be studying three set texts.
We will be asking students to read the first set text, Lord of the Flies, over the summer break in preparation for September.
The texts are listed in the order in which they will be studied. ALL students in Year 10 will study the two texts below. At the end of Year 10, individual teachers will decide on the final text that is required for the English Literature GCSE. If you have already purchased or have different editions to those below, your child can also use these.

• Lord of the Flies  -  ISBN-13: 978-0571191475 (Faber & Faber)
• Macbeth - ISBN-13: 978-1853260353 (Wordsworth Classic)

Year 11 (current year 10)
At the beginning of September, your child will be studying either The Sign of the Four or Frankenstein depending on their set. To that end, the texts required for Year 11, along with the relevant ISBN numbers and edition are listed below.

Set 1 -  Frankenstein: Wordsworth Classic ISBN 978-1-85326-023-0
Sets 2,3,4,5 - The Sign of the Four: Wordsworth Classic ISBN 978-1-84022-411-5  - £1.99

If you would like any further clarification, please feel free to contact Mrs Lawton , Head of English

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