Footwear requirements for new 3G pitch

Footwear requirements for new 3G pitch

The first phase our exciting building programme has been completed

We are delighted to be able add a full size 3G astro turf pitch and new hard courts to our comprehensive Sports facilities.
All students will have PE lessons at different points of the year on both surfaces and of course have the opportunity to use at break and lunchtimes if required.

On the 3G astro turf pitch, in order to ensure we have safe participation in terms of effective grip and support, students will be expected to wear either astro trainers or football boots with plastic moulded studs. No flat trainers/Blades or metal studded boots will be permitted.

We would welcome your support in adhering to these expectations. If you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the PE faculty.

Mrs S Martell
Head of Physical Education Faculty

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