Children in Need Day - Friday 17th November

Children in Need Day - Friday 17th November

Please bring in some money to spend!

As you may be aware Children in Need is fast approaching and this Friday, Bottisham Village College is organising a range of activities for all students to enjoy and participate in, but most importantly to raise as much money as possible. 

All money raised will go towards helping people aged 18 and under who face a range of challenges; over the years Children in Need has helped over 1,000 different organisations perform vital work.

BVC Events will include -

Non school uniform
Students can wear any appropriate clothing they wish for the day, all we ask is that they donate £1.00. (This can include Pudsey merchandise if they wish).

Who is Pudsey?
For the eighth year running, a handful of teachers will be dressed as Pudsey throughout the day and for 50p students will be able to guess who it is, with the winners receiving a prize!

Children in Need cake stall
Students and staff will bake cakes to be sold at break and lunch and our catering team Chartwells will bake lots of special Pudsey biscuits to raise even more cash!

Teachers vs. Teachers sports match
This will take place on the Thursday 16th November at lunchtime, donations of 50p to watch.

There will also be a raffle for a range of goodies including some Pudsey merchandise. 

All of the events will be co-ordinated by the Student Leadership Team, who will be explaining the events and why we are doing them in more detail in during Children in Need week and the week prior to it, through assemblies and form time.  All activities will be voluntary. It is also important to remember that lessons will be happening as normal, so the usual expectations regarding behaviour still apply.

If you would like more information on Children in Need or would like to know how to raise your own money for the charity please go to

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to a successful and worthwhile week.

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