Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care is for students interested in working in the healthcare or social care industries.

Why take Health & Social Care?

What is a typical lesson like?

There is no typical lesson. We discuss and we listen. We research topics and produce evidence supporting the research.We have visiting speakers.

What will I study? 
In Year 10 you will look at effective communication.  This will involve considering how people communicate in a given setting such as a nursery.  This will involve assignment work.   You will go on to study the different stages of life and the needs of people.  You will be examined on this unit.  In Year 11 you will consider the care values of health and social care and the importance of empowerment.  Again, this will be assignment based.  The last unit looks at people’s needs and how health and social care organisations meet these needs.

What does Health & Social care lead to?
This qualification is the starting point for those wanting a job in the caring sector. Examples of such jobs are Nursing, Social Work, being a care assistant and working with children.  Health and Social Care can also be studied at a more advanced level when you leave Bottisham. The course also will help you to develop a range of skills such as collecting, interpreting and presenting data. These skills are valued by most employers.

How is the curriculum enriched?
We organise visits from speakers from a range of organisations who operate in the caring sector.  We also hope to go to a local nursery, a residential home and a day centre.  

Current syllabus:   Edexcel BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Health and Social Care

As from September 2017 the syllabus will be BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Health and Social Care.

What will I study?

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