Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

REP is an approach to Religious Education in which we learn both about and from beliefs, cultures and traditions.

We encourage an engagement with ethical decision making, on a personal and social level. Ultimate questions are explored from a philosophical and religious perspective.

How learning is organised
REP is taught in accordance with the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus. In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in balanced mixed ability groups with a theme for each year group: year 7 – Philosophy, year 8 – Role of religious identities and year 9 – Ethics with a focus on duty and responsibility.

Years 7, 8 and 9
The course covers the major world faiths and explores belief and spirituality.  Students develop skills of understanding and evaluation as they look at ethical decision making and philosophical issues.  It allows students to explore, to reflect on and to respond to human experience, drawing on their study of religious beliefs, teachings and practices. The subject allows them to analyse and reflect on the bigger and ultimate questions which can affect our society and the world we live in.

Years 10 and 11
Students can opt to take the GCSE Religious Studies full course – AQA. They will study a range of different key beliefs and themes including relationships and families, peace and conflict and the existence of God and Revelation. In line with government legislation these components will all be studied from a Christian and Sikh perspective.All other students will participate in a short course GCSE Religious Studies, focusing on Christian themes and key beliefs in year 10. Students will be studying the bigger questions about the modern world and society we live in.We have course specific text books and use outside speakers to enhance learning.
Current Syllabus:
GCSE Religious Studies A: (8062) (AQA)

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