Design & Technology

Design & Technology encourages you to be creative and original, and have fun designing and making your own ideas.

Products are everywhere! The need and desire to develop interesting and exciting objects is underpinned by the demands of consumers and advancements in technology. Students will enjoy Product Design if they want to be creative, original and have fun designing and making their own ideas.

Product Design, Resistant Materials and Graphic Design are taught in a specialist rooms with appropriate facilities; a design room with 10 PCs; a wood workshop with plastics bay and a multi-purpose workshop with metal fabrication facilities.  These are all based around a large project area which allows for flexible use.
Years 7, 8 and 9
Work is project -based, linked to a departmental curriculum map, offering equal access to the curriculum for all students.  Across key stage 3 students have the opportunity to work with paper, card, wood, metal and plastics. Projects are usually led by design briefs that create a context for exploration of different materials and processes.  Students are introduced to different skills and techniques that build upon previous learning and embed an understanding of the design development process. Projects include; pewter casting, ticket and packaging design, construction of decorative book/CD/DVD ends, passive speakers (no electronics) and the design of album covers. Students will also learn how to use computer aided design and manufacture software and hardware.

Years 10 and 11
Students who opt for Product Design will complete design and make activities, develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of a range of processes and materials and learn how to solve problems through structured research, analysis and evaluation.

Areas of study
Designing and making skills working in 2D and 3D.
·  Processes and manufacture.
·  A wide variety of materials and components.
·  Design and marketing influences.
    Students complete a 45 hour controlled assessment task (60%) and sit a 2 hour examination (40%).

What does Product Design GCSE lead to?
Students who follow this course can:

How is the curriculum enriched?
Museum visits successfully complement our curriculum and there are opportunities to enter national competitions. 
Current syllabus:  
GCSE Product Design - AQA

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