Through Dance, students learn to transform images, ideas and intentions into sequences of movement.

Through Dance, students learn to transform images, ideas and intentions into sequences of movement.  During lessons, students explore and develop their movement, enabling them to improve not only their motor skills but also their ability to communicate within a group and to perform in front of an audience. The richness that the subject provides offers students the opportunity to learn different dance styles and create choreographies. 

Dance is taught in Hall 2 and the Ros Suttle Studio which is fully equipped with projector, mirrored walls, air conditioning and speakers for music. The lessons are supported by visual resources, video clips and filming is often used for students to improve their performance.

How  learning is organised
Students learn dance technique and work together in small groups to produce a performance where they are individually assessed at the end of the unit.

Years 7, 8 and 9
During years 7, 8 and 9, dance is taught in a modular capacity with mixed gender and ability groupings.   Lessons have a practical focus where students learn phrases of movement and are encouraged to work together to create choreography.  Students will also analyse their work and notate their movement phrases.

Years 10 and 11
In GCSE dance students learn dance technique, perform and create their own choreographies. Students develop their critical skills through constructively analysing professional dance works and dissecting choreographic techniques. Students work collaboratively on creating choreography from different stimuli and in the final year take the responsibility of being the lead choreographer of a group and dancer in others exam pieces.

Current syllabus: GCSE Dance - AQA

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