Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


We believe in a truly all-round education, where students develop independence, resilience and the skills necessary to achieve their potential beyond secondary education.

Good career guidance is essential to raise our students’ aspirations, opening their eyes to careers and futures they may not have considered.
At Bottisham Village College we aim to support the life development of our students. Preparation for future transitions should be smooth and well informed to facilitate effective career management.
Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) supports our students during activities which enable them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves as they move through school life and beyond. They gain knowledge of the options that may be available to them in order to make realistic career decisions. A comprehensive and progressive CEIAG programme supporting the choice of education and employment pathways whilst considering individual skills, attributes and beliefs, thereby promoting sustainable employability throughout future working lives. 
Effective careers education and guidance has the capacity to make a positive contribution to the well-being of individuals, their families and their communities; aiding social and economic growth.  By engaging students, teachers, parents and the local community we aim to enable our students to fulfil their potential and to achieve a successful future.

Our CEIAG programme has been developed in consideration of the Gatsby Report’s benchmarks, and the CDI (Career Development Institute) Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7-19.

Independent, Impartial Careers Advice
Schools now have a duty to provide access to unbiased and impartial careers guidance for their students.  Anglian Learning Trust sought the services of a Level 7 qualified Independent Career Guidance Adviser/Counsellor, Mrs Laurie Simpson who is able to provide high quality, personalised, career information and advice to individuals and groups of students. Deeper guidance counselling interventions facilitate the exploration of an individual’s skills, attributes and interests in relation to their career options. Mrs Simpson further supports staff across Trust communities to enhance the provision of careers education and work-related leaning activities, thereby promoting student learning and progression. Students can request an interview, via their form tutor, or parents are able to contact the school to make a request.  Student data is shared with Mrs Simpson, in order for the most accurate and helpful advice to be given.

Our CEIAG programme
CEIAG delivery is ongoing throughout the academic year, for all year groups. In year 7 students begin to think about jobs and careers that the staff members around them have had, and in years 8-11 students will receive their CEIAG input through collapsed PSHE days, visits to careers fairs, working with businesses, engaging with parents in career workshops, and the year 11 students will also have mock interviews with business people to prepare them for College and job interviews. Additional opportunities will include career ‘surgeries’ and longer workshops, dedicated to informing and educating students about employability skills, as well as specific details about certain career routes.

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