Post 16 information

1. Year 11 Post 16 Evening 
This evening, which takes place on Monday 9th October at 6pm, is designed to inform parents about Post 16 routes and to provide both students and parents with an opportunity to talk to representatives of different 6th form institutions, as well as other Post 16 providers. There will also be information about Apprenticeships, and college staff will be on hand to field any questions. Laurie Simpson, our Independent Guidance Advisor, will be available and would very much like to discuss your child’s transition to Post 16.

Starting at 6pm, there will be a presentation in the Main Hall for parents. During this time, students will be able to visit representatives of the 6th Form Centres in the Dining Hall. After the presentation, parents are welcome to join their son or daughter. All the main Post 16 providers will attend this event.

2. UCAS Applications
From this week, students will be undertaking activities that support their Post 16 applications. This includes completing an initial assessment form to allow us to ascertain whether your child needs additional support in making decision around Post16 study. Following this, student will be writing their personal statements with their support of their form tutors. Your child will also be taught how to log on to the UCAS website to complete their online application. Although we will support your child with this process, it is important that they fully engage with process in order to complete their application by the deadline of the 8 December 2017.

3. Open Evenings
Post 16 institutions all hold open evenings for prospective students. These evenings represent an important opportunity to find out information about the different courses offered and to get a flavour of what life at the different institutions might be like.

Attendance at the relevant events is key to students making informed decisions about where to go and what to study Post 16.

Making the most of Post 16 Events
This is an exciting but potentially confusing time, when you will be making some very important decisions about your future.
College Open Days and Evenings offer you the chance to visit the centres you are thinking of attending. Once there, you can talk to staff and students about available courses, and ask questions about 6th form life.
Don’t miss this opportunity as it can really help you to make a good decision.  There will be plenty of people around to talk to you; they will be ready to answer your questions, and to help you with any problems you might have.

Before you go…..
Ask yourself

When you visit a centre…..

When are the Open Evenings?

Are there any useful websites?
All the sixth form centres have websites, which can be accessed via a search engine. Other websites offering useful general careers advice include: 

4. General Information
There is a wealth of helpful information online. The most useful sites are listed in the ‘Making the Most of Post 16 Open Events’ leaflet.

Below are examples of the sorts of questions that students should be considering when using these resources.

•         What is a modern apprenticeship?
•         Is help with transport available to travel to a sixth form centre?
•         What qualifications are needed for a beauty course?
•         What grades are needed at GCSE to start an A level course?

5. Exam Results
Exam results will be issued on Thursday 23rd August 2018. If there are issues with results then students might have to contact sixth form centres, so it is advisable not to be away on this date.

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