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Helpful information for the lead up to this summer's exams

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Some important dates

Student Wellbeing

As always, the wellbeing of all of our Year 11 students is a top priority. We are particularly aware of the need to support all students in maintaining positive attitudes, healthy bodies and healthy minds. To that end, we have arranged the following wellbeing interventions:














If you or your child feels that they would like to talk to someone not associated directly with the college they can utilise the following support organisations:


Revision Reminders

Along with the myriad resources uploaded by teachers and support staff on Google Classroom to support all Year 11 students in every subject, some of the most useful resources are those provided by PiXL. Below is a reminder of the key resources that every students should be using and accessing as part of their revision programme:

PiXL Maths App: https://mathsapp.pixl.org.uk/PMA.html
PiXL English App: https://englishapp.pixl.org.uk/PiXLit.html
PiXL Geography App: https://geographyapp.pixl.org.uk/Geography%20App.html
PiXL History App: https://historyapp.pixl.org.uk/History%20App.html

PiXL Independence (revision resources available to download for any subject you child may be studying:

Examinations Assessment Information

At Bottisham we are committed to ensuring that whenever we mark candidates’ work this is done fairly, consistently and in accordance with the awarding body’s specification and subject-specific associated documents.
Candidates’ work will be marked by staff who have appropriate knowledge, understanding and skill, and who have been trained in this activity.  We are committed to ensuring that work produced by candidates is authenticated in line with the requirements of the awarding body.  Where a number of subject teachers are involved in marking candidates’ work, internal moderation and standardisation will ensure consistency of marking. In order to ensure best assessment practice is upheld, we offer the following pledges:
1. We will ensure that candidates are informed of their centre assessed marks so that they may request a review of the centre’s marking before marks are submitted to the awarding body.
2. We will inform candidates that they may request copies of materials to assist them in considering whether to request a review of the centre’s marking of the assessment.
3. We will, having received a request for copies of materials, promptly make them available to the candidate.
4. We will provide candidates with sufficient time in order to allow them to review copies of materials and reach a decision.
5. We will provide a clear deadline for candidates to submit a request for a review of the centre’s marking.  Requests will not be accepted after this deadline. Requests must be made in writing.
6. We will allow sufficient time for the review to be carried out, to make any necessary changes to marks and to inform the candidate of the outcome, all before the awarding body’s deadline.
7. We will ensure that the review of marking is carried out by an assessor who has appropriate competence, has had no previous involvement in the assessment of that candidate and has no personal interest in the review.
8. We will instruct the reviewer to ensure that the candidate’s mark is consistent with the standard set by the centre.
9. We will inform the candidate in writing of the outcome of the review of the centre’s marking.
10. The outcome of the review of the centre’s marking will be made known to the head of centre.  A written record of the review will be kept and made available to the awarding body upon request.
The moderation process carried out by the awarding bodies may result in a mark change, either upwards or downwards, even after an internal review.  The internal review process is in place to ensure consistency of marking within the centre, whereas moderation by the awarding body ensures that centre marking is line with national standards.  The mark submitted to the awarding body is subject to change and should therefore be considered provisional.

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Deputy Principal
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Exams Manager & PA to Deputy Principal
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